beadedheart.jpgValentine Craft Beaded Hearts

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year. So much for going out tonight, right? The kids are home and it’s a reason to celebrate, so make this cute and easy valentine craft beaded hearts together.¬† There’s so many variations so this is a great way to let the kids get creative!

Valentine Craft Beaded Hearts  CRAFT MATERIALS:

20-gauge wire (available at bead stores)

Time needed: Under 1 Hour

Valentine Craft Beaded Hearts DIRECTIONS

1. Snip a length of wire (a parent’s job) and bend it into a V shape.

2. String on the beads (tape the wire’s cut ends first to protect smaller children).

3. Finish by bending the beaded wire into a heart, then twisting the ends together with the pliers.

Large hearts can hang in a locker; small versions look great strung onto a necklace, pinned to a jacket pocket, or worn, as best friends are wont to do, right on their sleeves.

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