State Fair of Texas

Everyone attends the State Fair for different reasons. If you’re one of the people who goes for the food, then you’ll be excited to hear the winners of the food contests for this year. The most creative food award goes to Fried Beer (yes, you heard that right!). Last year it was Fried Butter, but we declined to taste that. Just didn’t sound so good. The Best Taste Award for Savory this year went to Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger. The Best Taste Award for Sweet went to Gulf Coast Fish Bowl. If you like fried food the could be interesting.

There is a lot to do at the fair so there really is something for everyone. If you love to people watch, then you’ll have a field day here! Great people watching! If you prefer the entertainment, there are several stages with live entertainment so be sure to check their website for the schedule. Local entertainment can often be found on the esplanade as well. One year when we went there were Native Americans dancing in their full feathered regalia. My younger son was fascinated by the music, dancing and colors.

For more entertainment you might check out the pig races, dog races or puppet show for kids. There’s also the “Little Hands Farm” where kids can gather up eggs, plant, harvest and care for a cow. My boys loved this when they were smaller.

My husband likes to go for the car shows to check out the latest and greatest models –even if you’re not buying a car this year. MOMS TIP: When it’s hot outside, the car shows & other indoor activities can be a nice break from the heat! Living in Texas, you just never know about our weather this time of year. We have gone when it’s hot, chilly and pouring rain. Yes, one year the skies opened up & it poured rain when our older son was an infant. Since he was all protected in the stroller, he was fine and slept the entire day! It wasn’t very busy that day and as you can imagine, we spent our time in the indoor exhibits and food court! So yes, even if you have an infant or toddlers, load them up in the stroller and they are entertained just by looking around – there’s so much to see! And they’re free under age 2!

Once our boys got older of course the main attraction for them were the rides. For the younger kids, the rides are located in the “Kidway.” You’ll find the usual rides – mini bumper cars, tea cups, truck ride, boats etc. MOMS TIP: Rides do require “coupons” and are not part of the admission price. Once kids get a little older they’ll venture on to the roller coasters, scrambler, fun house and more. We always try to get in a few “family” rides such as the ferris wheel or skyway.

MOMS TIP: “Coupons” are required for the rides, games and for food. They can be purchased at coupon kiosks located throughout the park. If you don’t have cash, certain booths accept credit cards. There are also several ATM machines in the park.

Kind of like Disney World, there is a parade each night at 7:15pm, the Starlight Parade. Unfortunately, we have missed that parade. It is part of your admission price & sounds like it would be delightful for kids! If you have younger kids, try to stay for the parade. We’ll have to do that this year!

Big TexMy boys also love to see Big Tex. That was how they remembered the fair – the place with the giant cowboy they called him! He does talk every so often. When the boys were a lot younger they were not so sure about the talking. Now they are fine with it and look forward to seeing him every year!

If you like gadgets or shopping, there are several exhibits in the pavilions. You’ve seen them – choppers, knife sets, food processors etc. There are also clothes and gifty type food items (bar b que sauce, spices, taffy etc). My boys love to go into the food pavilion because they usually have free ice cream samples!

See what I mean? There truly is something for everyone at the State Fair! And what do I like best? Just spending time with my family!

Check out this page for State Fair Discounts we’ve found to the Fair. Enjoy your time at the State Fair of Texas this Fall!

Dates: Sept 29th – Oct 22nd

Location: Fair Park off 2nd Street, Dallas

Prices: $18/Adults; $14/Children – 2 & under are Free. Visit their website for advanced ticket prices (see end of this article for discount info)

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