President Abe Lincoln Craft

The kids are out of school today for President’s Day. Keep them busy with this craft that allows the kids to role play as President Abe Lincoln. Most younger children still love to dress up. Young elementary school children will find this fun as history comes alive.

President Abe Lincoln Craft Materials:

*Black Construction Paper

*Paper Plates

*Flesh Color Crayons


*Tongue Depressor size Craft Sticks

President Abe Lincoln Craft Instructions:

1.  Cut out a black hat (may be sturdier on black cardstock).

2.  Cut out the middle of a paper plate.  Color the Outside with the flesh color crayon.

3.  Cut out a black beard.

4.  Glue the hat to the top of the paper plate.

5.  Glue the Beard to the bottom of the plate.

6.  Attached the craft sticks.

7.  Role Play as President Abraham Lincoln.


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