Perot Museum Creatures of Light

PerotMushroomPerot Museum Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence

If you are looking for something to do during Fall Break or any time soon, check out the Perot Museum Creatures of Light  exhibit. This breathtaking exhibit will amaze both you and the kids!

Read on for more “enlightening” information about this exhibit.

Why we Like This Exhibit- Perot Museum Creatures of Light:

PerotMaleFirefly1. Answers Silly Questions – ever wonder what makes fireflies (or lightning bugs as they are sometimes called) light up? Here’s your chance to find out in this exhibit.

2. Learn new vocabulary – What does that big word “bioluminescence” mean? And here’s another big word for you – “phosphorescence.”  Can you guess what it means?

Bioluminescence is the ability to generate light through a chemical reaction.

3. Learn why bioluminescence is important in the Animal Kingdom.

It is one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena that a variety of creatures use to fight for survival.

PerotGlowWorms4. See some really cool stuff!

The exhibition includes six immersive environments, from recreated North American forests filled with fireflies and glowing jack-o-lantern mushrooms, to the inside of a simulated mysterious New Zealand cave, where glowworms drop sticky “fishing lines” – bioluminescent gnat larvae –  from the ceiling to trap prey.

Guests also can experience the sparkling sea of Mosquito Bay on Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island, home to high concentrations of microscopic dinoflagellates that create a glowing halo around anything that moves through the water, as well as the perpetually dark deep sea, which comprises the vast majority of the planet’s habitable space.

PerotAnglerFish5. Learn some Scientific Trivia

Such as a male’s “lantern” in a firefly may be up to 10 x the size of a female’s. Some kids love trivia, others don’t. If your child does, they’ll enjoy learning all of these little tidbits. They can save them up and impress their teacher when returning to school!

All of these beautiful creatures are like nature’s “glow sticks.”  If your children enjoy glow sticks, they’ll be amazed by this exhibit.

TIP from the Around-Town Mom: Explain how these creatures glow by comparing them to glow sticks. By relating it to something your children know and love, they’ll get the message much easier – and with more fun!

Be sure to stop by the Perot Museum Creatures of Light exhibit now or before it leaves. The exhibit runs through Feb. 21, 2016 so you have some time.

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