4th of July Craft – Patriotic Wand

Whether it’s to be a spectator or to participate in the 4th of July Parade celebration or any other fun event you attend, this patriotic wand is perfect for showing your pride.

 This Patriotic Wand is easy to make and will amuse even the youngest of children.

Patriotic Wand Materials:

  • 1 sheet blue construction paper
  • 24” strip red crepe paper streamer
  • 24” strip white crepe paper streamer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Star shaped stickers

Patriotic Wand Directions:

  1. Roll blue construction paper into a tight cone and tape closed.
  2. Cut each crepe paper strip into 3 parts of equal length. Next, cut strips in half lengthwise, creating two thin strips from each regular strip. You should end up with six strips of each color.
  3. Place a small piece of tape at the end of one of the red strips. Press the tape inside the top of the cone. Repeat this step using a white strip. Repeat for remaining strips, alternating between red and white, work your way around the top of the cone so that your streamers are equally distributed.
  4. Decorate strips and cone with star stickers.


  • To make a sturdier parade stick, try using card stock or poster board for the handle.
  • Get stickers from the dollar store or check the clearance racks at the craft supply or discount department store.
  • Allow children to be creative by decorating with other items such as gems and glitter glue.

by Amanda Formaro

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