237.gifNew Years Wish Box Craft

Today is New Years! Happy New Year! It’s still early in the day so if you haven’t discussed New Years Resolutions or wishes yet with your family, you have plenty of time!

New Years Wish Box Craft. Have your child write down their wishes or resolutions for the New Year and place them in the box.  It can even be their prayers for the New Year.
New Years Wish Box Craft Materials:
* Shoe box
* Brightly colored paper, felt, or gift wrap
* Spray adhesive or craft glue
* Scissors
* Tape
* Heavy yarn
* Pipe cleaners
* Trim (optional): bells, wiggle eyes, pom-poms, buttons, metallic streamers

New Years Wish Box Craft Instructions:
1. Use colorful paper to cover a shoe box and lid; glue in place.
2. Place two holes in each end for rope handles and three holes in one corner of the lid. Cut slot in center of lid.
3. Attach 6-inch yarn handles to ends of box, knotting on inside of box.
4. Decorate box and lid. Use colorful shapes cut from felt or paper. (Cookie cutters make great patterns.) Add decorative trim to shapes.
5. Attach and decorate pipe cleaners. Place ends of pipe cleaners in the holes in lid, taping over the bent ends inside the lid. Curl and bend stems. Glue bells, metallic streamers, wiggle eyes, buttons, and pom-poms to ends of pipe cleaners.

Enjoy making this New Years Wish Box Craft with your kids today!

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