Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

This mother’s day craft for kids is suitable for small children. Make a gift for mom for mother’s day. The modeling clay can be bought at any crafts store and it dries very easily within a few hours. It is also best to buy small artificial flowers to use as flowers or, if you can find them, dried flowers and dry grass seeds will be even better. Of course, if the kids are a little older they can make flowers from buttons, florist wire and florist tape.*

Because the pots are small, this is a very good craft for developing the small motor muscle skills in toddlers.

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Materials:

  • Modeling clay
  • A pencil
  • ceramic pot
  • A thin stick to use for decorating the pot
  • The flowers you want to use

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Directions:

  1. Roll your modeling clay into a ball of the size you want your pot to be. (Not too big, as you are only going to make a hole for the flowers with your pencil.)
  2. Make a hole in the pot by pressing the back of the pencil into the ball.
  3. Shape your ball to form a pot with a flat bottom so that your pot can stand on it.
  4. Decorate the pot by drawing patterns on it with a thin stick or a matchstick.
  5. Arrange the flowers in the pot and then let it stand in a hot place to harden.
  6. Now you have a beautiful flower pot as a gift for mom on mother’s day.

*To make “button flowers:”

  1. Use a very small button and push florist wire through one of the holes from the bottom and then back from the top to the bottom through another hole.
  2. Twist the two ends of the wire tightly around each other and cover it neatly with florist tape.
  3. Now you have a “button flower.”
  4. Make as many flowers ad you need.

Older children can make bigger pots and make the hole for the flowers with a thicker stick. You cannot make them too big though or they will take too long to harden and they will probably crack.

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