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If you love lights, you will love Holiday Wonder. It is a magical and a very surreal experience. There are beautiful lanterns everywhere. Most of them made of fabric and the work that has been put into them is incredible. Holiday Wonder at Fair Park

The huge Christmas tree and the very big gift lanterns transfer you a little bit into the world of the Nutcracker. If you like nutcrackers, you will love their larger than life ones.

If you get hungry, you can sit down, grab a quick bite and look at the breathtakingly beautiful swans in the lagoon. There are also some vendors, in case you want to get some souvenirs.
The festival is an unique mixture between Christmas and Texas and a tiny bit of Hanukah.

There are several photo ops throughout the park so get ready to put your head into a cut-out for a funny photo. There’s also a slide, which makes it more interactive and fun.

These lanterns have been made by the same people who created the Chinese Lantern Festival a few years back. It has lost some of its delicate nature and apart from the show and the vendors, everything is very American/Texan. The live shows are done by Chinese acrobats.
It was very entertaining, so make sure to catch it.

All in all, the kids and I really loved the whole event. It is the perfect thing thing to do, if you want to be transported out of the Holiday craziness into Christmas magic! Holiday Wonder at Fair Park lasts until January 7, so you have time to get into the holiday spirit even after Christmas.

Holiday Wonder Dallas: located in historic Lagoon at Fair Park, Dallas. You can use address 1318 S 2nd Ave, Dallas, TX 75081 to locate the area at Google Map.

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