Go see Grapevine from a new point of view! If you need an excuse to get out to Grapevine or just want another activity to pad out your currently planned visit, the Main Station and Observation Tower tour is a great option.

Grapevine Main Station Observation Tower

Courtesy of the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Grapevine Visitor Information Center is now offering guided tours of Grapevine Main Station Thursday through Sunday! A Visitor Center Concierge will escort groups on a 20-minute tour of Grapevine Main Station, which includes Harvest Hall, Peace Plaza and the Observation Tower. The tour also includes an overview of Grapevine’s art community and Historic Main Street.

The Grapevine Visitor Information Center, located inside the Grapevine Main Station, is a great resource for additional information. Upon arriving in Grapevine, head to the Visitor Information Center via the Grapevine Main Parking Garage:

  1. Use the visitor entrance off Dallas Road.
  2. Park on level 3-6.
  3. Parking is free for the first 90 minutes. ($1 every hour thereafter)
  4. Take the elevator to the lobby/ground level.
  5. Turn right when exiting the elevator.
  6. Walk through the Hotel Vin lobby to Harvest Hall.

Look for the Visitor Information Center directly in front of the Main Street entrance doors.

Come early to find free parking along Main Street!

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