Frisco Safety Town Fall Festival

Frisco started their own safe Trick-or-Treat venue when Safety Town was built. It has been a HUGE success and is still going strong!  Our family looks forward to going every year. My kids start asking weeks in advance!

If you haven’t been, you should go! It’s one of the few times you get to go into Safety Town when it’s open to the public. Kids love it because the town is comprised of buildings on a 5/8 scale replica. It really is very cute.

Frisco Safety Town Fall Festival

For Halloween, they do it up right! The town is decorated with spooky decorations (nothing scary, moms). Ghoulish music plays while kids get to trick or treat in all the little buildings. This is one of the few times you get to go into the buildings, so it’s a real treat! (no pun intended!) You’ll recognize some of your favorites like Babe’s Chicken and Wal-mart.

SafeMOMS TIP: Bring your camera or smart phone because there is a decorated hay bale set up in the corner for photo opps.

Volunteers and merchants come out to give the kids candy. Some of the volunteers dress up to get into the spirit too. Several Businesses give prizes like tattoos, coloring books and pencils so the kids don’t just load up on candy. If your kids are like mine, they’ll be delving into their trick or treat buckets before they even leave the premises!

MOMS TIP: Safety Town can get very crowded because it is so popular. Get there early. When you are done trick-or-treating be kind to your fellow neighbor and don’t linger so the next group can enter the facility.

The jeeps and bikes will be put away for the night, but kids can also enjoy practicing fire escape training in the smoke bedroom in the Safety Town facility. This can be an educational night too!

So bring the kids out for the fun! This is always the highlight of our Trick or Treat season! My kids love to go!


Date: Friday, October 27 @ 6-9pm

Cost: Free

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