Eisenhower Birth Place State Historical Museum

Eisenhower Birth Place

Eisenhower Birth Place

Eisenhower Birth Place State Historical Museum

We are fortunate in Texas to have the birth place of President Eisenhower in our own backyard! The kids are out of school today so why not take them up to see where President Eisenhower, our 34th president was born? Celebrate President’s Day by going to see the former home of a former president!

Dwight Eisenhower was one of our popular presidents having gotten into office not long after WWII in 1953. We typically think of the likeable general as having hailed from Kansas, but what many do not know is that he was born here in Texas! And another not widely known fact about this president is that he was also a painter! Who knew a general was also an artist?

Eisenhower Birth Place State Historical Museum Details

Eisenhower Artwork

Eisenhower Artwork

On display in the museum on the grounds of his former home are pieces of his artwork. When presidents retire, they have to do something, right? This was in the days before multi-million dollar book and speaking tour deals.  It’s well known Ike liked to golf, but lesser known were his artistic skills. You’ll be surprised when you see his artwork.

Going to his home will also help kids understand what it was like in the “old days” before we had electronic gadgets. Luckily for Ike, TV was starting to become an accepted form of media during his presidency, but there were no TVs when he was born in 1890. Certainly no computers, smart phones and tablets! Having passed away in 1969 Ike didn’t even get to experience the computer revolution.

DSCN7915 Make history come alive for the kids by playing the “identification game.” See how many old-timey things the kids can recognize such as the wood stove, the wooden baby cradle, the gas lanterns and kitchen “gadgets.”  You can also tour the herb garden and have a discussion with children letting them know before we had Kroger, Tom Thumb and Wal-Mart, people had to grow their own food and herbs. Herbs weren’t just for seasoning back then, they also used them for medicinal purposes.

For younger kids, you can engage in a game of “I Spy” to point out simple things such as colors, shapes or familiar objects.

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Phone: 903-465-8908

Address: 609 S. Lamar Ave, Denison, TX

Website: www.visiteisenhowerbirthplace.com

Hours: Tues–Sat @ 9am–5pm; Sun @ 1pm –5pm

Admission: $4/Adults; $3/Ages 6-18/Students; 5 and under – Free

Celebrate with the Presidents! Saturday Feb 18th @ 10am – 2pm

Hear stories about Presidents and Presidential candidates.  Challenge yourself with Presidential trivia.  Find out about Ike’s favorite ways to relax: fishing, golf, and painting.  Crafts and Birthplace House tour included.

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