Dallas Fort Worth Spring Break Activity Guide

Dallas Fort Worth Spring Break Activity Guide

DSCN1324If you’re home for spring break this year then you’re not the only one!  Take your kids out and enjoy Dallas Fort Worth with our Kids Activity Guide, Kidding Around Town, perfect for spring break.  There’s tons of things to do in Dallas Fort Worth so why not take the time during spring break?

If you’re going to take your kids somewhere, how about throwing in a little learning?  Did you know that taking your kids out and exposing them to new things actually makes them smarter?

Here’s why: Children’s brains only grow when you actively learn or do something.  By taking your kids out to visit various places and engaging them with activities, you are making your child smarter and giving them a head-start in life.

Now you need to know where to take them. Kidding Around Town not only lists places to go, but breaks them out by type such as places with animals, historical locations, art museums etc.

Want to go somewhere for free?

There are over 100 places to take your family for FREE in Dallas Fort Worth. Do you know where they are?  (The Dollar Rating Guide in Kidding Aound Town will tell you!)

Once you know where to take your kids, how do you engage them? What do you teach them while you’re there?  Kidding Around Town does the work for you so you don’t have to!

And what you’ll love even more is Kidding Around Town breaks out the activities by location type so whether you go to a zoo or historical museum, the activities will be location-appropriate.

Kidding Around Town also breaks out activities by age group.  We all know what you’d teach a 5 year old would be different than a 2 year old or a 10 yr old.

Breaking out the activities by age group also helps if you have children of multiple ages.  Want to go to a museum your 8 yr old would enjoy but don’t think your 3 yr old would like it? Kidding Around Town gives you suggestions for all age groups.

Want to go on a Day Trip or week-end getaway during Spring Break?  Kidding Around Town also includes day trip and week-end suggestions.

Find out now how and where you can start giving your child a head-start in life with Kidding Around Town, the perfect Dallas Fort Worth spring break activity guide book.

Order yours today while our discount lasts!  We have a special  rate for this Dallas Fort Worth Spring Break Activity Guide. Don’t leave home without it!