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For something fun to do with your kids this Halloween, consider this edible Halloween recipe. Not only will you have fun in the kitchen putting them together, but your taste testers will certainly give these scary treats a thumbs up!

This cup of worms Halloween treat looks yucky but tastes great. You will finish with an edible cup of worms in real-looking “soil.” This is a great party treat you can make with your child.

Cup of Worms Halloween Treat Ingredients:

Packaged chocolate pudding

Gummy worms

Cocoa powder (or hot chocolate mix)

Chocolate sprinkles (also called chocolate Jimmies)

optional Clear plastic cups

Cup of Worms Halloween Treat Directions:

Make chocolate pudding and cool it in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Put the individual portions into clear plastic cups.

Let the top of the pudding remain rough looking. Sieve some cocoa powder on the top of each cup.

Also add some chocolate sprinkles if desired.

Place a few gummy worms in each cup to look like they are coming up through the pudding “dirt”.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

The kids will have fun eating this Cup of Worms Halloween Treat!

from Barbara J. Feldman.

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