Colombian Mammoth at Perot Museum

Meet Ellie May, the Colombian Mammoth at Perot Museum

Ellie May

Still looking for something to do over Dallas’s Fall Break? Visit downtown Dallas and meet Ellie May, the Colombian Mammoth at Perot Museum. Ellie May is the newest addition to the Perot Museum.

A lot of kids are “into” dinosaurs but many don’t even know about mammoths.  About as large as some dinosaurs, mammoths are really old too but they don’t seem to get the attention that dinosaurs get.  They are in the mammal family so you’d think they’d be more cuddly! (In fact, the Perot Museum sells some super cute, cuddly mammoths in their gift shop.)

Read on for more info on Ellie May, the Colombian Mammoth at Perot Museum.

Dr. Ron Tykoski

“Ellie May,” is named that because she was found in the month of May in a gravel pit in Ellis County. The name stuck so she continues to be called that today.  The owners of the land generously donated her to the Perot Museum. There was a quick turnaround time between finding her and getting her into the museum so there were months of excavation, prepping and polishing lead by Perot Museum paleontologist Dr. Ron Tykoski just so you can meet her today!

Ellie May is anywhere from 20,000-60,000 years old and was likely 8-9 feet tall at the shoulder. A nearly intact and incredibly pristine Mammuthus columbi (Columbian mammoth) specimen.

After digging her up the staff at the Perot Museum was trying to figure out the best way to display  her. They ended up leaving her just as they found her – on her side. You can get a really great view of her that way.

Head on down to the Perot Museum to meet Ellie May! She’s now a part of their permanent collection so if you miss her during Fall Break, there’s always the upcoming Winter Break!