Children’s Museum of Houston

Childrens Museum of Houston

Oh to be 5 years old again!   The simplicity, curiosity, and imagination of 5 year olds are something I would love to experience again.  There is a perfect place to harness and grow the love of learning and wonder in children, as well as adults.  This special place is called the Childrens Museum of Houston.  I wish as a parent of 2 almost grown boys, that we had a place to experience like Childrens Museum of Houston.

I recently took my class of twenty 5 year olds to the Childrens Museum of Houston.  We arrived to their colorful building, as the tour guides dressed as various characters.  Our special tour guide was Mr. Hotdog.  He was friendly, and immediately connected with my students.


Children’s Museum of Houston

The first stop my students experienced and enjoyed was Kidtropolis.  This area had banks, police station, EMS with ambulance, City Hall, and Newsroom.  Next door is a grocery store and restaurant.  Dramatic play at its finest.  There were outfits, props, and jobs for the kids to dive in head first.  Every Kindergarten teacher loves watching his/her students be able to become community helpers.  MOMS TIP: It really drives this TEKS home in students.


Children’s Museum of Houston

Our next stop was Matter Factory area. We stepped into a whimsical factory and stared straight into the future! It offered a glimpse into the concepts of materials science, including properties of matter and potential uses for different substances and smart materials.  We experimented with different properties of matter, test and sort materials based on their properties, and examine unique properties of emerging materials recently developed by scientists. My kids enjoyed the large exhibit with an amazing amount of activities to do.  The parents who chaperoned were very much engaged too.  There was so much cause/effect learning,  challenges, engagement and higher level thinking, as well as discussions.


Children’s Museum of Houston

Our third and last stop was Invention Convention.  Here is where we got to do experiments with circuitry and sounds.  The kids realize the steps that needed to be in place to get the desired results.  Not every time that they tried did things work.  They had to decide how to try again.  Here I saw problem solving and perseverance at its best.  It was a very safe place where my students challenged themselves instead of getting frustrated.  I loved watching their risk taking skills at work.  Again, the higher level thinking and discussing was rich and impressive.  The parents, too, enjoyed challenging to partake each challenge with the kids.


Children’s Museum of Houston

When Mr. Hotdog told me that our time was up, I could not believe that our 2 hours were gone.  We barely even scratched the surface.  There were at least a dozen more stations that we did not get to experience.  My students, chaperones, and I left feeling satisfied with the learning and challenges we experienced.  I look forward to going again next year so that we can experience more of this fun place.

As a parent, this place is ideal.  It is designed for children to grow, engage, and challenge himself/herself.  Your child will delight at all the fun, engaging activities.  You will be pleased because he/she is learning higher level thinking skills, risk taking in his/her learning, and discussing intelligibly the processes he/she is taking to solve problems.

As a teacher of over a decade, I have noticed a stark decline in kids’ imaginations.  Call it too many electronic devices taking over, or schedules being stretched thin with lots of extracurricular activities.  I think we as parents and educators need to tap into and develop our children’s imaginations.  If not, we will experience loss of future  inventors, dreamers, and philosophers.

That is why I think it is vital and worth while to go to Childrens Museum of Houston.  It will not only develop imagination but also intellectually grow your child.  I give it 10 stars out of 10 as a teacher and a parent. Add the Children’s Museum of Houston to your summer list if you are heading down to Houston.


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Children’s Museum of Houston is located at: 1500 Binz, Houston, TX  77004

Phone: (713) 535-7263

Admission: $12/Person; babies are free

Summer Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Thursday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


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