Candy Corn Activities for Halloween

Candy Corn Activities for Halloween

Through the miracle of modern technology, this Halloween you can delight in your candy corn without breaking your diet. Check out using the fun-sized goodies in some fun kids’ activities and games. And if you work at it hard enough, you might even burn off a few calories! And keep in mind, October 30th is American candy corn day. There’s no better way to observe the day than with a couple fun candy corn games.

Candy Corn Hunts

Little ones really enjoy hunting games. Stash ten candy corns in an area – beneath the table, behind the door, on the counter. You may have to help with a few “getting warmer/colder” clues to help in the process. If you leave them out in the open, even the smallest hunters will be able to find their bright colors.

If you’d like to to dress up the idea, put the candy in little cellophane bags and tie with festive ribbon. Hide them all over – either inside or out – for a candy corn spin on the Easter egg hunt.

Create a path of candy corn for little ones to follow. Lead them around the yard, or a maze – or through an untidy house. Depending on the order of their bedrooms, you might use this idea to help your kids find their dresser! If you poke a toothpick into the wide end of the candy, you magically have an arrow. Use the arrows as hints in your hunt.

Target Practice Try an All Hallow’s Eve twist on the timeless clothespins in a jar game. Have children stand on a sturdy chair and drop the pieces down into a canning jar. A container with a wider opening, like a bucket or funnel might work out better for really little children, while a 2-litre soda bottle would present a bigger difficulty when the older kids want to show off.

Do you recall Bozo’s Grand Prize Game? Make your own with several small sand pails. Rename the game after a preferred Halloween costume.

1. Use a section of masking tape or a stick to give a boundary line for the contestants.
2. Number the pails, placing them in a row moving away from the line, pail number one being closest.
3. Children queue up behind the line and toss the candies into each bucket starting with the closest.
4. Keep tally or give out prizes for making it into each pail.

After putting some candy corn into a small sealed plastic baggie, have a “corn bag” toss. After playing catch, try aiming at a target or throwing the bags into a container. For extra Halloween fun, draw a scarecrow face on the front of a box, and cut out openings for his eyes, nose, and mouth. Different points could be awarded for throwing the corn bags through the different holes.

Other Fun Stuff

On a smooth surface like the dining room table try some shufflecorn or “bocce corn”. One person acts as the referee, sliding out the first piece of candy corn. He then marks this piece with a toothpick. Contestants take turns sliding 4 different pieces as near to the referee’s mark as possible. The referee determines which piece is the closest, giving that player a point. Play until someone gets ten points. To minimize confusion, try marking each contestant’s candy corn differently.

If not concerned about a mess – try candy corn and frosting sculptures. Obviously, an appropriately covered table or other safe surface is recommended. Thinking about it, maybe this is better as an outdoor project. Prizes could be awarded for the most extraordinary sculpture, the tallest one, the neatest one — or maybe the one that looks most like dad.

String candy corn like popcorn. Not only is the activity entertaining, but also you have great decorating material when you are done! Tape several strands in a doorway like a 70’s-style beaded curtain. Add an orange lava lamp for a funky Halloween theme. String some through a spooky tree in the yard. Hang it inside like party streamers or use it for jewelry.

Regardless if you are trying to steer clear of the sugar calories, looking for entertaining Halloween activities to occupy kids excited about the holiday, or trying to find something to do with all of that extra candy corn, you can enjoy these guilt-free pleasures.

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