4th of July Picnic Decoration – Firecracker Utensil and Napkin Holder

This festive project not only looks great on the table but it’s functional too! Your 4th of July picnic decoration will be the envy of your friends and it’s easy to make! It will really make your picnic table pop!  (pun intended!) And, by making this fun craft from cardboard tubes you will be recycling as well. Older kids can help too!

 4th of July Picnic Decoration Materials:

  • 4 cardboard tubes
  • Red, white, blue and black construction paper
  • 2 stems each of blue and gold glittery chenille
  • 5.5″ x 5.5″ piece of sturdy cardboard
  • 2 lids from milk jugs, salad dressing, or other bottles that will fit snugly inside the cardboard tubes
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (where indicated)
  • Pencil

4th of July Picnic Decoration Directions:

  1. Cover top 1/3 of each cardboard tubes with blue construction paper.
  2. Cover bottom 2/3 of cardboard tubes with white construction paper.
  3. Use a pencil to draw 12 stars on a piece of white construction paper.
  4. Cut the stars out and glue them to the blue sections of the cardboard tubes, pencil marks should be facing down toward tube so that they cannot be seen.
  5. Cut strips from red construction paper and glue around the tubes onto the white construction paper. Trim ends where needed.
  6. Cover the cardboard square with black construction paper.
  7. Hot glue bottle lids into the bottom of each cardboard tube so that he flat end of the bottle cap is facing out/down. This will serve as the bottom of your utensil holder and will give you something to glue onto.
  8. Glue all four firecracker utensil holders onto the black square, leaving about an inch in the center where you will place your napkins. Let dry completely.
  9. Use hot glue gun to add a border of glittery blue chenille around the tops of each utensil holder, and glittery gold around the border of the black base.
  10. Fill utensil holders with plastic forks, knives and spoons and place napkins in the center.


  • For the cardboard square, we used cardboard from a juice box package as it is quite thick and sturdy.
  • Plastic milk jug lids are the perfect size for this project; however you can try other lids such as salad dressing bottles.
  • Fancy this up even more by adding glitter or glitter glue to the black construction paper base.

by Amanda Formaro

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