3 Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids to Make

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Most Mother’s day gifts from kids are likely to be made at home with mom or dad supervising or at school with a teacher’s help. While these hand made crafts are one of the most cherished possessions for any mother there are two things that might spoil the surprise, one that mom has to help make them and that adds up to a big mess of glue to wash out of your hair. Two; being that moms shouldn’t have to help the kids make presents for them to begin with, at least not on mother’s day. On any other holiday, crafts are a mom’s turf.

A pretty obvious solution to this would be for all dads to trade in their tools belts for a crafting kit and get down to helping the kids with their Mother’s day crafts and while a lot of men will say that there are tons of things stopping them from doing this, the only real thing that prevents dads from crafting with the kids is the absence of crafting skills. A lot of men think that while they are handy around the house, they just don’t have what it takes to sprinkle glitter or glue ribbon on a piece of construction paper. Here is a list of easy crafting activities that dads can do with the kids to make mother’s day memorabilia that moms will cherish.

1. Certificate of excellence in Motherhood

This one is pretty simple, all you need to do is find some hard card and cut it in an A4 size (or whichever size your printer is set to). Find some nice certificate designs online and print it out after editing the title to read ‘The World’s Greatest Mom’. Instead of signing it or stamping it, have the kids make handprints. Instead of putting a card on mother’s day gifts, the kids can put the certificate on it. Dads can make a similar one and write “The Greatest Mother My Kids Could Ever Have’ and put it on your mother’s day gift for your wife.

2. Mother’s Day Cards

A really easy way to make a card is to make one featuring pictures of your kids. Moms go nuts over towels with handprints and mugs with baby pictures so these cards are a good option. All dad needs to do is help with the cutting and the scissors while the kids pick out their favorite pictures and choose a color theme.

3. Real Mother’s Day Gifts

Admittedly paper cut outs aren’t a real gift so dads will still need to help the kids with something to give mom on Mother’s day (and remember to buy a Mother’s day gift for the wife themselves). Since guys are more of a hardware home improvement project type, they can work with the kids to make stepping stones or paperweights from cement. They can be adorned with handprints, messages, birth dates etc. Molds are easily available in stores at good prices.

These are some easy craft projects that dads can do with the kids while giving moms a craft free holiday but always remember that kids learn by your example so take a stroll down to the mall or browse online for mother’s day gifts for your wife. For dads there is a wide selection of things out there, try avoiding any workout equipment and gardening tools. Go for something simple and sweet like fruit bouquets. They come in nice keepsake containers that you can use next year when you help the kids craft something new for mother’s day gifts.

by Nicole Crest

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