10 Outdoor Activities to Help Your Kids Fight Winter Blues

10 Outdoor Activities to Help Your Kids Fight Winter Blues

Spending too much time indoors can be unnerving. In winter, we do not have too much choice. We try to make sure that our houses are cold-proof before we go on to spend a crazy amount of time indoors. Contrary to what many of us believe, going out during the winter can actually be a good thing. It will allow you to kill the winter blues and find exciting things to do. In this article, we have sampled some of the outdoor activities you can engage in with your kids that will help them fight the winter blues.

1.      Take a nature walk

You can take a short stroll around your neighborhood or in the park. Try to make the walk educational by allowing the kids to spot and identify different animals they come across during your walk.

2.      Build a snow man

If you get a good amount of snow in your locality, you can indulge your kids in this common winter outdoor activity. Decorate your snowman and take turns at throwing hats on the head. Whoever gets as many hats on as possible wins. In Texas you may have to improvise on this one!

3.      Go skiing, sledding or skating

You can get a lot of calories burnt and energy created this way. If you have an ice rink close to you, let your kids enjoy some skating. If you get a good amount of snow, you can also engage in sledding right in your backyard. In Texas it might be skateboarding instead of sledding. Or go to an indoor skating rink.

4.      Create spray paint art

Its time to get creative with spray paint. Do not use real spray as it might not be eco-friendly. Fill the spray bottles with food coloring and water. You want to use something that will dissolve later without becoming an environmental hazard. Let your kids enjoy how the snow easily absorbs this paint as they do their creative art.

5.      Go for a scavenger or treasure hunt

Use your backyard to send your kids on a treasure hunt. You can bury some valuables around and give the kids hints on how to go about finding them. Do not make these hints too complex or too simple. The idea it to make the kids have fun while playing this game.

6.      Play tic tac toe

This is a very popular indoor game that you can replicate outdoors in winter. Let the kids improvise. They can use pine cones and sticks to make the grid on the snow.

7.      Make a snow maze

A snow maze would be a creative idea for your kids to try out. You can easily download a simple printable maze online and let the kids replicate it on the ground, with snow. Then you can have fun trying to see how fast one can get out of this maze. Go to the park instead!

8.      Play ice hockey as a team

Ice hockey is one of the games that builds team work and allows your kids to think creatively and strategically. Use simple sticks to play. Divide the kids into different teams and let them work together to win. Play field hockey in Texas.

9.      Make snowballs

Before they start making these snowballs, make sure they have their gloves on to prevent their fingers from getting frost bite. See who can make the largest snowball and then engage in a snow ball throwing contest. Improvise on this one for Texas.

10. Create sand castles in the snow

Just like in creating a snowman, your kids can have fun creative all sorts of sandcastles on the snow. Encourage them to be as creative as possible. If you have a sandbox, it’s still warm enough in Texas most days to play in it.

So, are you ready to get busy with some winter fun?  Grab your kids and head outside. These moments are short lived, spend as much time beating those winter blues as much as you can.

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